I have been involved with timber all my life through farming and business.  When I retired I took up wood turning as a hobby and now enjoy spending time in my huge workshop turning out all sorts of practical and artistic products.

I work mostly in native timbers.  My philosophy is to use the wood as naturally as possible and let the wood speak for itself.  The products I make for the home are practical and finished to a high standard.   When it comes to the outdoor products I let my artistic flair take over and enjoy making each one an original.

If you see something you like but not quite to your taste, contact me.  I can email you photos of any other stock I may have.

People have come to me with a specific request and I am able to fulfil their order and have some very happy clients as a result.

If your purchase looks a little dry then you can apply another coat of oil.  If you are unsure about what oil to use then please contact me and I will advise you.  I hope you have as much pleasure from your purchase as I had in making it.